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Smart Meters: Nevada PSC having second thoughts?

Are smart meters dangerous for Granny and Fido? This article from the Nevada Sun raises some interesting issues regarding the installation of Smart Meters by Nevada utility companies.   



FERC Winter 2011-12 Energy Market Assessment

Attached you will find an interesting and extremely informative report recently given to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by the FERC’s Office of Enforcement. The report outlines the staff’s Energy Market Assessment for Winter 2011-12 regarding natural gas, electricity, and other energy markets. While this analysis is not intended to project what winter prices may ultimately be, it does provide some extremely interesting and insightful analysis on available supply and markets. FERC Winter 2011-12 Energy Market Assessment 10-20-11


LPSC Residential Gas Rates for September 2011

Attached you will find the LPSC’s report showing residential gas rates paid by utility customers in Louisiana for September 2011.  

LPSC Copy of Residential Gas Bill Comparison September 2011


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